Lezlee S. Monroe, MRET

Lezlee Snow-Monroe 435-770-3383
Lezlee Snow-Monroe

Clearfield & Park City, Utah




Are you having fun yet? Has life lost the joy you once knew as a child or do you deserve to have the joy you feel you have missed from trauma in your early years? Lezlee can assist you to find that again with RET. For those who are serious about shifting their lives and are willing to do their own work (and there is homework), they will have the results they desire. Coaching is part of the work.

Lezlee is a singer, songwriter, keyboard improviser and music teacher also offers RET as part of a program for unleashing your true voice – whether you sing, speak or desire more “aliveness” in your daily life. She combines voice techniques taught to and used by the great singers and speakers out of Nashville and L.A. and combines it with empowerment coaching (and RET) to remove blocks and core issues that keep clients from speaking or singing their truth. Website to come.


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