Lorana Johnson, Master-Level Rapid Eye Technician (MRET)

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Lorana Johnson

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Thank you for visiting my page here on the Rapid Eye Technology website!

I love Rapid Eye Technology. I have been studying RET and conducting private RET sessions for 10 years. During those years, I’ve seen amazing changes in people’s lives, especially in my own life. I know from personal experience that the processes involved in a Rapid Eye Session can free you the negative feelings and emotions that weigh you down and that keep you from moving forward.

I found RET like most people, I was on a search to find some peace and sanity after a divorce left me feeling hopeless. I’m very left brained and needed science based healing; that’s exactly what I found in RET. I loved the way it helped me eliminate my negative beliefs so that I could move forward with my life and I love helping my clients do the same.

The Skills for Living Course is a wonderful way to continue growing and improving on an ongoing basis. I teach concepts from this course each month at several different locations. Please check my website for upcoming classes.

Not only do I teach free classes and provide individual RET sessions, I have also developed a course called Reclaiming Your Light. This course includes group coaching and mentoring, private coaching, and RET sessions. It’s specifically designed to guide family members affected by addiction on their healing journey.

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