Lynell Beckstrom, MRET, RET Master Trainer

Lynell Beckstrom  MRET, RET Master Trainer 801-856-1631
Lynell Beckstrom MRET, RET Master Trainer

The Rapid Eye Institute
Master Rapid Eye Trainer

3748 74th Ave SE
Salem, Oregon 97317


Lynell Beckstrom is a gifted healer, and has been with the Rapid Eye from the beginning of this dynamic healing modality.  She is a Master Teacher and Trainer for the RET Institute.  She has many certifications in Reiki, herbal counseling, essential oils, Transformational Training, Spiritual Coaching, and is a certified Drug and Alcohol counselor. Lynell works with clients of all ages, works works directly out of the Rapid Eye Institute in Salem, Oregon.


“I would recommend Lynell Beckstrom to anyone. She is naturally therapeutic and very well trained in many modalities.” — Danielle, Utah

“Lynell assisted me with Rapid Eye through a very deep addictive cycle. I am clean and sober for 8 years now. Thank you Lynell!” — Larry, Oregon

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  1. Lynell’s unwavering dedication to learning and growth makes her a true inspiration to us all. Her commitment to staying at the forefront of Rapid Eye Technology and consistently sharing the latest developments is a testament to her passion and expertise. With profound gratitude, I acknowledge her invaluable contributions to the field. Lynell’s presence is a beacon of wisdom, and she holds a special place of adoration in my heart.

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