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“Hi, I’m Paula Shea, MRET,SRA Expert,. I’m so excited to offer to you my experience from a very long journey of healing with many layers and levels. I have overcome PTSD, bipolar, autoimmune disorder, depression, anxiety and so much more. I am a survivor. I am truly a living miracle.”

What is Rapid Eye Technology?

R.E.T is one of the fastest and complete modalities that we have today. It is a form of energy work that improves core belief systems in the body on the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual level. The human mind processes, when it goes into REM sleep, dreaming at night. This process helps to work out our emotional bodies. However, sometimes things can get stuck when we have been traumatized, shocked or hurt. RET works with the eyes in a waking state, to simulate REM sleep. Using eye movement we can pull up the old core beliefs and trauma by blinking and breathing. We can replace the trauma with healing light. Working at a cellular level reverses the DNA that may have been passed down through generations.


In a RET session we can go to the first original time when DNA was created. One can go through different birthing sessions, up to childhood and to the current time. This process is likened to peeling layers like an onion one step at a time when healing. Letting go of pain or old patterns and creating new pathways in thought is like breaking out of prison; invisible walls that bind you, the “Master Shift.”

Rapid Eye Technology helps with:

  • Depression
  • TSD
  • Ritual abuse of all kinds
  • Physical Infirmities
  • Grief
  • Physical and Emotional pain
  • And so much more

About Paula

Paula Shea, MRET, SRA Expert, has been practicing Rapid Eye Technology since 2006. She combines RET and life coaching with Christ based energy work through the atonement to facilitate balance and healing. Paula helps her clients release core issues and negative thought patterns to clear out the negative and re-create the positive. Paula is also a specialist in helping people get off their psychiatric medications and is a nutrition consultant with herbs and supplements to facilitate wholeness. Paula has created a company called “Miracles Happen.” She is facilitating group sessions and teaching skills for living classes in Gilbert. She also does phone sessions all over the United States with great success. Paula Shea, can be reached at 602-465-4080 to schedule a session, either in person or on the phone.


“I am so grateful for Rapid Eye Technology. It has helped me overcome addiction to cigarettes. I smoked for 30 years and quit several times. If any of you smoke out there you know how hard it is to quit for good. It was a miracle that I found Paula. She knew the right sessions to give me and how to clear core issues from my addiction. Within three sessions I completely lost the urge to smoke. That was 2007 and I have not touched a cigarette since. I can be in a room full of people smoking and I have no desire to smoke. Wow, that is amazing, who would have thought, me of all people, “Miss Dragon Lady!” I am so amazed with Paula’s ability to clear negative patterns. I know she can help a lot of people with RET.”

-Melody Palmer

“Since childhood I have struggled with depression, which led to over eating and evolved into food addiction. Through Rapid Eye Technology I have cleared by trauma and issues pertaining to my food addiction. I am on a journey into weight loss and I am more confident and happy with myself. Paula has helped me through this journey, and she is a gifted life coach.”

-Shariah Shea

“I have had sessions for weight problems (food addiction), Alzheimer’s, and childhood abuse. I have lost 25 pounds and lots of inches, not craving chocolate anymore. Alzheimer was cleared. I have been able to remember better and am much sharper in my thinking. It is wonderful! In my childhood abuse sessions, I was surprised with things that surfaced. The abuse triggers that were bothering me have all been cleared through RET with Paula. I feel clean now and am able to forgive myself and others on a higher level. Paula and RET has significantly helped me progress in life.”

-Diane Hinds

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