Rozann Petersen, MRET

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Rozann Petersen

Cedar City, Utah


Rozann Petersen is a MRET Rapid Eye Technology Practitioner, Life Skills Coach, Calyco Healing Energy Specialist, Gifted with intuition.GOT STRESS? GET RAPID RELIEF!

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Get Relief from Depression, Anger, Grief, Anxiety, Stress, Fear
Bring peace and joy into your life
Reclaim your true identity
Create the life you really want
Enjoy more loving relationships
Move through life with grace and ease
Change your thinking – Change your world

Create the life you want now! Release the stress and old programming
Become more balanced, Focused, Self- directed, and empowered.
Rozann is a skilled and loving RET Practitioner. Rozann’s practice focuses on each client becoming aware of the gift they are to the world. She is able to quickly facilitate her clients on their personal journey to wholeness and Joy.

Affordable Effective Natural Healing

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Calyco Healing – Real, lasting changes do not have to be painful or take forever to achieve. The Calyco process makes it possible to create shifts and changes quickly because it works on mental/emotional/physical levels simultaneously.

Many changes felt by clients are sudden and dramatic, while others are subtle and noticed over time. Calyco Healing works directly with your subconscious mind to cause shifts which result in release and change. It can eliminate deeply rooted belief patterns and negative emotional states. These methods can help you transform your life and create the life experience you really want by:

Reducing stress and creating a state of mental/emotional well-being
Freeing up energy tied to present or past hurts, disappointments, fear and loss.
Transforming negative or limiting beliefs that hold you back.
Resolving conflicting feelings and eliminating self-sabotage.
Creating new empowered ways of responding to people, situations and challenges.
Increasing and maintaining your clarity, focus and motivation

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