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Tonya Cox, MRET

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I was first introduced to the idea of alternative energy medicine in 1992 and through the years began to have small, sporadic experiences that intrigued me.  In 2001 I had a profound personal experience and witness of the healing power available through energy medicine.  I began a serious study of energy healing which brought me to Rapid Eye Technology.  I trained as a Rapid Eye Technician in 2004 and received my Mastership in 2006.  I learned how to break free of the limiting beliefs and traditions that kept me from being my true, beautiful self, and an instrument of light in this world.

Countless experiences have confirmed the splendor and blessings of energy medicine for me and all those I have been privileged to work with.  God is a God of order.  Energy medicine has blessed me with a greater understanding of that order, and how to move in that order to attain the love and light we are designed to receive.  We often experience what we are not to come to know who we truly are.  I am but a facilitator with knowledge and tools that fill my “tool belt” to assist you along your own unique journey. I invite you to awake and arise!  Discover your truth, your light, and the healing that resides within you.

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  1. I have been seeing Tonya once a week for about four months. She came highly recommended. I was skeptical on how I could do work of this nature over the phone. After my first session I saw a profound difference in my whole being. It is difficult to describe. I decided I wanted to work with Tonya every week. It’s been liberating in so many ways. I operate and see things from a higher energy. There is so much more light in my life. It has lifted my depression like nothing else could. My perspective on my life has transformed. I can’t say enough good about the work Tonya does and the difference she has made in my life! The shifts have been huge and significant. It is the highlight of my week to see her. I’m walking on sunshine afterward. The circumstances I’m living with in my life right now are incredibly difficult. It’s why I need a weekly appointment. That was my choice. It’s been life changing and liberating!!
    I will be forever grateful I was led to Tonya. It was divine intervention for sure!!

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