RET Quick Stress Relief

Doing a session with a RET technician is the only real way to determine if RET will work for you.

Here is a simple yet effective quick stress relief process you can do for yourself to get a sense for Rapid Eye Technology. Just follow the simple directions here. Please keep in mind this is a SIMPLE demo without a trained RET technician. 

1. Identify something that is stressing you. Keep it simple – maybe something recent. For more stressful material, or to do more than this simple process, contact a RET practitioner in your area.

2. While thinking about what is stressing you, gauge how much you feel it on a scale of 0-10 with 0 meaning not at all and 10 meaning totally stressed out.

3. Cast your eyes back and forth in a zigzag pattern while moving the zigzag up and down, as in the illustration. Do this until you feel like you can’t do it anymore or like you really want to blink.

4. Blink hard 3-4 times

5. Take three deep breaths, letting each out all at once in a sigh.

6. Gauge again how you feel on the same 0-10 scale and notice the difference in the way you feel.

7. Repeat the process to de-stress more or to process another issue.

To deal with more stressful material,

This demonstration process is intended for simple stress and is not intended to replace competent medical or psychological assistance. If you are dealing with physical problems or an emergency, immediately seek qualified medical attention.