There are a number of funding options available to students. The following list presents those that have been successfully used in the past. Call Ranae at 503-399-1181 for funding assistance.

  • Money orders and cashiers checks
    • Complete the registration form and mail or fax it with your check or money order to:

    The Rapid Eye Institute
    3748 74th Ave SE
    Salem, OR 97317-5642
    Fax 503-373-3606

  • Enrolling Others
    • Receive $200 off your Home Study Course price for each person who registers with you. Pay for your entire course by enrolling others. Contact the Institute for details.
  • Sponsorship from Others
    • Learn how you can get others to pay for your RET course. This option has been very popular and sets you up for a successful RET practice right away. Highly recommended. Click here for an example.
  • Scholarships and Grants
    • Please do not contact the Rapid Eye Institute about scholarships or grants – contact the funding source directly.
    • Heartway Foundation – Please check back later.
  • Student Loans
    •, 888-272-5543
      Click on Loans for Training and then click Career Training Loans
    • Chase Financial is now giving student loans for no payment for the first six months and low student interest thereafter. Go to and click under student loans.
How one RET technician funded her training and certification.

I am so excited about RET and what it can do for the world that I am determined to take this vision to as many people as I can. I talked to Ranae and we came up with an introduction class to RET. I charge $20 per person.

I use the Educational DVD, answer questions and introduce RET. I then tell my own story and teach them Energy circles and tapping. I spend time on Life skills and telling them that they can train to do this for their families. People are doing their own sessions with me and some have registered to do RET training.

I recently went to Texas to do sessions on a friend. She wanted to take the training, but lacked the money. I did classes for her introducing RET. She invited all the people she knew that might sponsor her and her daughter to do the training. It was a great success. I received my $20 per person. Her daughter received full funding and she received $600 with pledges for more.

She is now going to present the same intro to RET class that I did and raise the rest of the money she needs for the full training. She has a waiting list of clients to process after her certification.

What a great marketing idea for you and your clients to make money! It worked for us. It will work for you.

– Tannie Bennette