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Our Thoughts Create

March 18th, 2015 by Melanie

Taking the time to stay grounded and being very clear about what you want reconnects
you to your higher self. In this connection, the self knows how to create anything you
want. Really connect and feel the confidence flow through you. Any lack of self confidence
may hold a person back from their true greatness. In Skills for Living,
Thought is the first Universal Principle. Thought is the beginning of all creation. We
create our own thoughts. We are free to think anything we want. The intent of thought is
the primary mover of all creation. As we change our thoughts, we will have a better
chance of changing our lives.
Notice what thoughts are repeatedly coming through. Our purpose of life is to experience
joy. How do you feel joy? Whatever we focus on we create more of… so notice
what emotions come up for you. Honor perceived negative emotions to hear the message
and always feel every emotion about love. Emotions are here to be received, rather than
to be shunned as stumbling blocks. Explore your emotions, your thoughts around them,
and always express self-love as another way to stay connected to your higher self. Notice
the changes that naturally fall into place. Do what you can do to create miracles in
your life. Start with your thoughts – create a list of what you can do and then do it!

By, Melanie Gentzkow, MRET/Reiki Master


Dreaming Sequence

September 10th, 2014 by Melanie

Dreaming Sequence 

According to sleep studies from Berkeley…

They conducted two control study sleep groups consisting of people who reported physical things like cancer, emotional things like depression, and people who reported “normal”. (I love normal…what is that? A setting on the dryer??).

Anyway, both groups got all set up on EEG’s, EKG’s, seismograph equipment, (this measures megahertz of energy, like earthquakes) Kirilian Film (this measures your electrical energy field or aura); and then went to sleep. The researchers also included cats, rats and dogs. The first group was just measured and recorded. The second group was awakened every time they went into Alpha brain wave and started doing REM (rapid eye movement/having a dream).

They noticed a huge ionic release at the end of every dreaming sequence. It is so big that it shows up on seismograph equipment and on Kirilian film like a huge cloud! Wow…What exactly is this??? And what is it doing for the human energy system?

The results were amazing. After only 5 nights of being awakened and not allowed to reach this “release” at the end of every dreaming sequence, everything got worse… the cancer, the depression, and the normal people started having psychotic breaks. Which makes sense. As we know from our tweaker friends, when you stay up long enough, things get weird!

They stopped the human experiments, but kept on with the animals…(sorry Chandra, don’t kill the messenger)… Deprived long enough of that release at the end of the dreaming sequence… they died!

Rapid Eye Technology duplicates this release in an awake alpha state. We get more cognitive connections… “Oh, that’s why I hate green carpet…” Your body, under the eye directing device, recognizes the sensory modalities and releases on the opened neural pathways… Call your issues OUT people!! It’s time for JOY!



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Love from Salem–Lynell



The Eye Patch as a Therapeutic Value

June 4th, 2014 by Melanie

Everyone has mostly heard of left and right brain dominance, which in a nutshell is left brain likes logic and details (and it is critical) and right brain lies the big picture, creativity, (and it is nonjudgmental), etc. let’s call these “L” and “R” modes. What most don’t know is that left brain also has an “R” mode and right brain has an “L” mode within it. When the Rapid Eye Research team first studied eye patching, it was used to assist clients between sessions to get out of upset because it was found that most triggers and issues are in the left brain and “L” mode, or the accepting/calm brain and “WA-LA” one feels better!

Then it was studied by the RET Institute in conjunction with tapping on pressure points to move stuck energy out of the head area. What was eventually found was that if one can find the patched eye that makes you feel the most positive when you are upset and it becomes a therapeutic tool to help oneself get out of distress!

How does eye patching really work? As you patch on eye you close down the visual input to the opposing brain hemisphere (because the optic nerve crosses to the opposite brain hemisphere for processing.) As the eye is left open behind the patch what the eye “sees” is what is referred to as a Ganzfeld field (named for Dr. Ganzfeld, a German researcher). A Ganzfel field is a visual field or picture that is flat with no variations. Understand this is important because it tells us why to keep the eye open under the patch; the brain says, “The eye is open, I should be getting input, but I am not getting input.” This forces the brain to communicate with the open eye furiously to find out why there is no input. This furious brain activity is what leads to the changes in the perceptions of physical, mental and emotional reasoning.

Simply put, if you have a husband who is a dominantly left brain thinker and a woman who is a dominantly right brain thinker and they are having difficulty communicating, patch then, get them into the same thinking brain and communication improves. Know which side to patch that makes you comfortable and it will help get a person out of upset. If a person needs to improve “R” mode so they can be more creative, then patch and exercise that mode so it is easily accessed…change how you THINK!

There are so many good tools/skills in Rapid Eye Technology, Inc., to assist you in improving the quality of your life…find a technician in your area today and exercise that brain into a higher quality of life.

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Did you know…?

May 28th, 2014 by Melanie

You are asking me why we use the eye directing device and what it is doing…

The RET eye directing device is an acrylic shaft, the bottom half covered by an acrylic sleeve with a round ball at the bottom and a half ball at the top. The top has a round side and a flat side. This top has blue and red on it with yellow close by on the top inch of the shaft. The primary colors are used because they make all the other colors when they combine during fast movement in front of the eyes. It is about 18 inches long, and is pretty flexible. It is moved about 13-18 mega hertz per second about 6-14 inches in front of the eyes. It is moved in the auditory, memory, visual, recreate, and feeling modalities. The various techniques and movements used during a session all have specific uses.

It operates similar to how a lightning rod works. Remember how at the end of every dreaming sequence there is an ionic release and it shows on Kirilian film? When a person rapid blinks, hears the verbal input, neural pathways open and begin to release, duplicating what happens at the end of a dream. The ionic energy, it moves down the shaft and the round ball at the end disperses the energy like the ground at the bottom of a lightning rod.  (Yes, Technicians are taught how to hold and use the devise so they do not pick up this released energy!!!)

The reason the device has a sleeve is because the shaft actually gets hot or heats up from the energy the person is releasing. It is amazing to realize what is actually happening when a person releases negative energy that has been stored in the cells and body of each person! It is truly a blessing to be a Technician and walk the healing journey with each client. A Tech understands because they have experienced sessions themselves, have trained and studied how to facilitate  this particular kind of release.

At times the release will be so sudden and large, it can snap the shaft, usually inside the sleeve as the energy travels down the shaft. Over all these years of working with severe pain, abuse and PTSD… I have seen the balls snap off, the shaft break and even the colors get duller after only one good release. No one can tell me that energy isn’t real and that release is not happening in every Rapid Eye session! It is very apparent and amazing!

When I was small, I always wanted to be a fairy with a magic wand! My sister and I now joke all the time about how we grew up and this dream came true!! LOL J

Please go find a Rapid Eye Technician in your area, get rid of what is now working in you, your families and then on to the community of the world! If you’ve ever wanted to work in healing/energy medicine field, consider training in Rapid Eye Technology. Come join a supportive healing community and move into your own healing, the family healing and then SERVICE TO OTHERS, it’s time!



June 20th, 2013 by Melanie

I am always so amazed that at each RET training, I am still learning so much! The Advanced and Master Level RET Trainings were held in Marnae Hobson’s new Mt. Air Retreat Center outside of Burley, ID. The facility is new and beautiful—very excellent energy. This time, I learned a most excellent way to answer the question, ”How does Rapid Eye Technology change the DNA?”

The wand techniques and processes are an integral and vital part of this model.  Clients cannot get the release achieved from Rapid Eye Technology anywhere else.  These wand movements/processes are what make this model unique and valuable in the healing process. 

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Attract Clients

June 17th, 2013 by Melanie

What is your niche within your community and how are your showing up for them? Marketing your service is that, a service. You’re not a salesperson out to make a commission and in competition; you’re in collaboration with the universe in abundance. The true power of attraction based marketing is coming from your heart and helping people. Be clear about your passion, mission, and purpose. The clients that are perfect for you, that you enjoy working with, will come naturally and easily when you have clarity and focus. How can your RET business benefit your community? What works best for you ~ narrow down that market, connect with your circle of influence:

  • Financial Management for Couples
  • Life Skills for Young Adults
  • Spiritual Exploration for Former Atheists
  • Life Balance for Foster Parents
  • College Prep for Teens
  • Self-care for Stay at Home Moms
  • Spiritual Tools for People in Grief
  • Stress Management for Managers
  • New Life Direction for People in Career Change

Whatever you feel most passionate about, you will attract.



About RET Sessions

June 14th, 2013 by Melanie

During a Rapid Eye Session the conscious mind is communicating with the subconscious mind creating a safe environment to let go of the energy attached to the stress or trauma. The RET technician uses an eye direction device (wand) to direct the eyes while the client blinks rapidly. As the wand moves back and forth in front of the eyes the client picks up the fast movement, replicating the “alpha/theta” brain wave state. Core issues are addressed  with verbal communication and rapid eye blinking, releasing the energy of emotions, pictures, and memories. Rapid Eye assists in releasing trapped energy, negative patterns and limiting beliefs on all levels-physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of each being. This allows you to make new choices.




Creating a Quiet Time

June 11th, 2013 by Melanie

Time to be quiet may be some of the most important time we set aside in our day. As a team, we have found this makes one of the biggest differences when we struggle. A few minutes to quiet down, has an impact on the rest of life.

Most people when they try to get quiet, their mind speeds up! Just relax and keep going. After some practice, your mind gets better and better at calming and slowing. Practice makes Habits.

Here are some tips:

1. Give it a try: Don’t “expect” anything, just try it. See what it’s like.

2. Get alone: in the car, in the bathroom, early in the morning…find a place to be alone

3. Set a timer: This will help to not worry about “how much time left.” There are lots of great apps for this too. Start with 3 minutes. Go from there.

4. Breath: just concentrate on your breath: – how it sounds, feels, where it goes…

5. Don’t have a goal: there is no “right” or “wrong,” there just “is.” When a thought comes to mind, consider it, without judgment, then set it aside and come back to your breathing-When you accomplish this then continue to-

Send this light and quiet energy ahead to create your day

Say I am able to create a calm and creative energy that I direct



Creative Thought

June 7th, 2013 by Melanie

Consider the possibility that while we are busy creating heaven on earth for ourselves that we also call in Heavenly beings. They come in open portals from our intentions. It is important that we call only the 100% pure light beings. Then just maybe the light will get lighter. The light will get lighter or the dark will become darker, depending on what energy we are sending out. It stands to reason that we must change or rewire our bodies to exist in a higher consciousness. Maybe that is why we have so many aches and pains as human beings. Many if our loved ones are leaving this side of the veil as the rewiring occurs. It is my belief that they are simply given a different calling, they haven’t gone far. There are new synaptic pathways of communication that are shifting in our brains, many will feel alone and unsettled. The energy or the illusion of that energy will soon shift as we move into harmony and rhythm with all things or synergy. This synergy will replace competition with working as a unit or team. We are all learning to operate from our hearts, to honor and care for ourselves and be thankful to our creator. These are some of the things being experienced out in the world that causes us to think. The magic will come in our remembering.



Clear the Clutter

June 5th, 2013 by Melanie

Spring is here and as every bud begins to blossom, the energy of renewal and wisdom is all around in the people I meet as well as in nature. Each one of us blossoms on some level each day within the choices and experiences we have. And just as nature renews and springs to life, it’s important that we are willing to clear negative beliefs and feelings; by doing so we learn from our choices and get to choose again. Spring is the time to start clearing the clutter and start blooming into the person you are. It’s an uplifting time. Sometimes the mess that seems to not go away is a symptom of a deeper issue. Living in any clutter (physical, mental, emotional) takes an emotional toll and steals away joy. Clutter in all degrees can create tension in personal relationships, careers and within children.
There are many release and healing techniques available. I use Rapid Eye Technology to assist in clearing and recognizing limited beliefs. RET stimulates your mind, body and psyches’ own natural clearing mechanism. It is not a healing power rather, a clearing technology. In addition, we have skills for living that assist in getting out of habits and beliefs that no longer serve our desired life. I recently reread the acclaimed book, Remembering Wholeness were Carol Tuttle states “when we are in a place of feeling good we are in a high-frequency vibration that attracts more and more of what brings us joy”. (pg. 38)
“I am” statements are the most powerful words to use in creating. This can be practiced by doing an energy circle. Draw an imaginary circle; start speaking “I am” statements into the circle to create a hologram of energy. Focus on whatever you want to create in your life. Put your attention on what you want. This could be organization, health, money, career, relationship and joy. Stand just outside the circle and say the statements out loud, throwing them into the circle. When the affirmations are complete, step into the circle and pull up the energy created by massaging it into your body from your toes to the top of your head. Open your arms and embrace this energy, pulling the energy into your heart center. Then blow the energy created out from your hands and into the Universe for manifestation. Do this every day and begin noticing the changes in your life.