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Gayle Perkins

West Point, Utah


Hello, my name is Gayle Perkins.

I’m a Rapid Eye Technician and received my certification in 2020.

I first started learning about natural healing when I lived in Puyallup, Washington and started using herbs to help with my allergies. When I moved back to Utah, I continued learning more about the natural ways of healing. In 2003, I became a certified Foot Zoning Technician and started going to natural healing conferences reading books to learn different healing methods. I currently practice emotional release, foot zoning, and spinal touch to help my clients balance their bodies.

I was introduced to Rapid Eye in 2017 by a Foot Zoning client. I felt like it was the best emotional release and replacement therapy that I had found in the natural healing community and immediately wanted to learn it.

Rapid Eye Therapy has helped me to live a happier, healthier life and I love helping my clients and family with its techniques. Rapid Eye helps you live your best life and helps you to move forward with more flexibility by getting rid of old destructive habits and releasing emotions that are blocking your progression in life. It helps change your thinking which can change your world.

Rapid Eye Therapy can help with anxiety, depression, abuse, PTSD, addictions, family problems, weight-loss and overall body healing. It helps balance you mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually using Skills for Life.

I do individual or group sessions in my home and over the phone. I charge $50 a session. I look forward to meeting you! Call or text me for an appointment at 1-801-529-7798.

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