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I guess I should write about my experience with RET so you will know where I come from.

I was on Zoloft and very popular anti-depressant. I was also seeing a great counselor. I had experienced an extreme trauma of loss and sadness that I was rehashing and recreating with little or no progress. I was about to double my Zoloft when a friend suggested I see a gal who was a Rapid Eye Technician. Well, I thought, “great, a new thought hocus-pocus”, but at that point what did I have to lose? So I made the call, made the appointment and showed up! Less than 4 or 5 sessions later I was off of the anti depressant, I had cut my therapy sessions from twice a week to once a week, (yes, I was really sad!) and then down to every other, and then to “I’ll call if I need you”.

I was so impressed with my progress and through the encouragement of my RET tech that I desided to go to the schololing at the Rapid Eye Institute to become a technician myself. I have now gone to the institute schooling twice, just to make sure I “got it” and now I am working on my masters.

I have found a modality to exercise my desire to help others. It brings me joy to help and to see the release of sadness, anger, depression, fears, panic, ill health and the troubles that people have carried for so many years be released so they can carry on in this world and achieve some happiness.

I use to be a comedian. It was a great gift to make people laugh for a moment or an evening.

I am now a Rapid Eye Technician and guiding clients to a sustainable happiness is an even greater gift and it lasts longer than comedy!

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