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I guess I should write about my experience with RET so you will know where I come from.

I was on Zoloft and very popular anti-depressant. I was also seeing a great counselor. I had experienced an extreme trauma of loss and sadness that I was rehashing and recreating with little or no progress. I was about to double my Zoloft when a friend suggested I see a gal who was a Rapid Eye Technician. Well, I thought, “great, a new thought hocus-pocus”, but at that point what did I have to lose? So I made the call, made the appointment and showed up! Less than 4 or 5 sessions later I was off of the anti depressant, I had cut my therapy sessions from twice a week to once a week, (yes, I was really sad!) and then down to every other, and then to “I’ll call if I need you”.

I was so impressed with my progress and through the encouragement of my RET tech that I desided to go to the schololing at the Rapid Eye Institute to become a technician myself. I have now gone to the institute schooling twice, just to make sure I “got it” and now I am working on my masters.

I have found a modality to exercise my desire to help others. It brings me joy to help and to see the release of sadness, anger, depression, fears, panic, ill health and the troubles that people have carried for so many years be released so they can carry on in this world and achieve some happiness.

I use to be a comedian. It was a great gift to make people laugh for a moment or an evening.

I am now a Rapid Eye Technician and guiding clients to a sustainable happiness is an even greater gift and it lasts longer than comedy!


The summer of 2009 was one of great sadness for me. I lost many friends and was battling a profound sadness -something that was much greater than the death of so many friends. I found that I was crying often and unexpectedly but from deep in my soul. I reached out to Judi and she said she could help. We focused on this overwhelming grief in the first session. At the end of the session I felt a huge weight lifted. I was able to go on that week and run a meeting where I had to announce the death of one of these many friends to a large audience. I was able to get through it without breaking down.
We have had several other sessions since that first one. Each session addressed and identified root causes and brought me peace and closure in a profound way. RET is a very effective tool and Judi is a wonderful healer. It is truly amazing how much progress can be made in each session and with such wonderful results.” – A. H.
     “Judi is a true healer! I have been very pleased with the results I’ve gotten from Rapid Eye Technology. I made very quick progress processing old emotional pain with this method of healing; must faster than years of talk therapy ever got me. So, I highly recommend RET….especially facilitated by Judi.
Judi is a delight to work with! She is serious about her work but is always looking for a way to lighten up tense or emotionally charged sessions with a bit of humor or a reminder of how far you’ve come. She is prompt to all her appointments, does a ton of research for each session, and comes prepared with more than enough material to get all the issues you planned to work on in that session.
I took 13 sessions with Judi and felt I benefited from the Rapid Eye quickly and easily. Each session took particular focus and determination, then, Judi would give me a bit of homework afterward to solidify what we did. But over our sessions, I found a lot of weight of depression, discouragement, and resistance to joy releasing and not returning so much as before. Learning the skill of RET from Judi has helped me in times of stress to keep or regain my composure. In tricky or emotionally charged situations, RET has helped me to keep up courage or to regain focus on the positive aspects of my life. I feel RET has been a key to to avoid the return of debilitating depression or overwhelm in my life. Thank you, Judi!
     My name is Linda H. I live in SE Portland, Oregon. I am 60 years old and have tried a lot of therapy, healing work, rapid processing techniques and personal change programs. RET has become a favorite of mine because it is quick, it is powerful, and it can be done easily almost anywhere.” – L. H.
     Hello, my name is Erin. I have to admit that I was a little skeptical at first, of the rapid eye technique, having been disappointed by traditional psychiatric care and medication. It was my conclusion that the way our society operates, you can’t help but feel crazy. If you feel unhappy, you, tell a psychiatrist. If that doesn’t help, you take a myriad of prescription drugs, and when those don’t work, you may turn to illegal drugs, because at least they can numb the pain. But that pain doesn’t just vanish, it is temporarily put on hold, all the while growing stronger and stronger until the chemicals wear off. When this happens for me, all the built up, hidden pain explodes in unimaginable forms of terror, and physical pain. Every time I was hurt in the past, present, birth, and beyond would unleash itself, leaving me paralyzed, keeping me from enjoying the good things that I am constantly surrounded by.
I recall telling my psychiatrist what I felt, finding the roots of my problems. And there they were staring back at me on the dashboard of my car the whole way home, torching me all week until the next visit where we would unleash more and more pain. This traditional technique of talking and talking took it from a subconscious level and put it in conscious form, leaving me feeling worse and worse, breaking down, and not being able to trust the people who have cared for me and loved me the most throughout my life.
Judi introduced me to the fundamentals of RET. I watched the video, which really helped it all make sense. I have never been a big fan of “religion,” but I do understand and believe in the interconnection between the mind, body, spirit, and all the energy in the universe. I’ve always had an open mind and an open heart, so I was ready to try something new.
With RET, she basically brought up all of the negativity form of the depths of my mind and spirit. I felt every pain, every injustice, every misunderstanding and was able to release it all. Then, instead of feeling left empty, she filled me with positive energy.
All emotional pain was replaced with balance, self confidence, love, and a sense of purpose. All physical pain (a physical manifestation of stress and emotional scars) was healed, blessed, and rejuvenated. I left feeling high.
I recall crying on the way home. Unlike leaving the psychiatrist, and crying for my childhood, for my pain, and hopelessness, I drove home crying tears of joy. Every cell in my body felt alive, and so sensitive to the beauty that surrounded me and which I am a part of.
I think I will always be “crazy” if crazy means enlightened, sensitive, and aware of the truth and beauty that we are all a part of . And I think I will always be sad for those who may never see it, who may never become aware of the interconnection of us all.
I am able to love myself again, and love myself for who I have ALWAYS been and forgive all who I allowed to wrong me and love them for who they tried to be.
Just a few sessions have changed my life, and I would recommend it to anyone, whether they feel incomplete or not.” – E.
     “I am pleased to write a reference for Judi Meskel, an old friend and colleague who is currently getting started in the field of RET. I have known Judi for many years and have always found her to be honest, sincere, and pleasant in all aspects of our relationship.” – A. O.
     I have recently undergone a diagnosis of cancer (happily, it is now in remission) and I turned to Judi and her RET training for some counseling and help. I definitely do not regret that decision. She has been kind, well-trained, competent and powerful in helping me get through this difficult time in my life. I recommend her as a professional and caring Rapid Eye Technician.

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  1. Judi Meskel has been my rapid eye technician for a couple months now. And has completely changed my life. She is so helpful, caring, creative and great vibes. I have made so much progress since working with her. She is the best person I have meant in my life. She is powerful in making the process of healing and change as comfortable as it can be ! I highly recommend ret and Judi is one of a kind!

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