Jeni Zink, MRET

Jenifer Zink 503-349-4595
Jenifer Zink 503-349-4595

Portland, Oregon
White Salmon, Washington


Jeni Zink is a Rapid Eye Master Technician living in the beautiful Columbia Gorge with her husband Mike and two children.  Certified by the Rapid Eye Institute in 2006, she has since been using this model of stress-release and Skills for Life coaching with her clients, both in-person and through virtual online sessions.
She is gentle, joyful, and straightforward.  Creating a safe environment to meet you with compassion for your journey, she works with you to uncover what you would rather experience in life and connect you with your true joy.
Jeni can work with all types of issues. Including childhood trauma, traumatic events, self worth issues, anxiety, depression, overwhelm and feeling stuck.  She assists you to reduce stress and heal trauma through RET release work, and offers education to cognitively re-pattern and reframe through the RET Coaching model.  All her clients receive tools and exercises that they can practice at home to keep feeling good in between sessions.  Jeni offers a program of weekly sessions to achieve your goals for mental & emotional health, as well as individual “clean up” sessions as needed.
When Jeni is not pursuing her spiritual and professional calling, she enjoys spending time with her husband and children, doing art, and being outside in the magic and beauty of the Columbia River Gorge.
Call or text for a free 15 minute phone consultation and to schedule your RET session.  Time to bring ourselves back into wholeness.

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  1. I am so grateful for my RET sessions with Jenifer Zink! Jenifer is inspirational and an incredibly good coach/teacher. Even at my first visit we worked on and cleaned up a longstanding emotional issue. We cleaned up more issues in subsequent visits but I also learned very helpful skills for day-to-day living. I will have and use these skills the rest of my life and am excited about learning more. As an unanticipated extra, by clearing up emotional issues, RET helped me with some of my physical issues. I look at life and life’s challenges in a much better way than before working with Jenifer. It has changed my life for the better.

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