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Jenifer Zink

Portland, Oregon
White Salmon, Oregon


Jenifer Zink is a Master Rapid Eye Technician living in Portland, OR, with her husband Michael. She fell in love with the RET technique and became certified by the Rapid Eye Institute in 2006.

She is gentle and straightforward, creating a safe, comfortable environment to facilitate positive change. Jenifer understands that what you have been through has, at times, been very hard and she meets you with compassion, and works with you to uncover what you would rather experience.

She is a master of her tool, Rapid Eye Technology, and updates her skills often with continuing education. Thinking of herself as a clinician, she uses her skill with proficiency, while honoring each client’s individual journey of healing and personal growth. Jenifer can work with all types of issues that a client will present. Many people she’s worked with have come in reporting feelings of anxiety, depression, family relationship issues, and stress related to physical ailments. Jenifer has witnessed profound positive results using Rapid Eye Technology with these clients.

Have you felt like life has been hard lately? Is there a trauma or pattern from the past that seems to just keep coming back up?

Call or email Jenifer today and schedule your first Rapid Eye Session. Its worth it!

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  1. I am so grateful for my RET sessions with Jenifer Zink! Jenifer is inspirational and an incredibly good coach/teacher. Even at my first visit we worked on and cleaned up a longstanding emotional issue. We cleaned up more issues in subsequent visits but I also learned very helpful skills for day-to-day living. I will have and use these skills the rest of my life and am excited about learning more. As an unanticipated extra, by clearing up emotional issues, RET helped me with some of my physical issues. I look at life and life’s challenges in a much better way than before working with Jenifer. It has changed my life for the better.

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