Melanie Grant, MRET, Redi4Wholeness Ambassador

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Melanie Grant

South Jordan, Utah


Offices in South Jordan, Utah.

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Release the past and Joyfully create what is important to you! Let’s set up a discovery call to see how we can move your forward in the direction of your dreams!

When we feel stuck in our life, there are old thoughts and behaviors keeping us from moving forward and claiming what we want. As we release these old emotions and beliefs from our mind body system we are free to come at life with a new attitude and energy. When we know who we are, we are free to be who we want to be. As we release the negative emotions of the past we come to life with a new awareness of just how powerful we are. We are free to create what we want in our life. Life is meant to be enjoyed! If we created what we were capable of creating, we would literally astound ourselves!

Let me assist you in releasing negative emotions with Rapid Eye. It is a safe, easy process that will help you feel hope again. The first time I had a Rapid Eye session I felt like a 50 lb. weight had been lifted off my shoulders that I didn’t even realize I was carrying! I had no clue that the difficulties I was facing today were due to negative emotions I had stored for years. My body had held onto them as a safety net. In a Rapid Eye session we give your body permission to release what is no longer serving your highest and greatest good. From there we fill your mind with positive reframes. We also teach you new healthy ways to think and positive ways to deal with your thoughts and emotions. This has been a life changer for me.

Nothing makes me happier than to see hope come back into someone’s eyes as they begin to believe that there is hope. Life is truly what we make it. If we have been following a flawed plan we will get flawed results. As I have applied these principles to my life I am enjoying life more. I am creating my life the way I want it to be. I am happier. I have more friends. I play more. I am closer to my Savior. I create more joy in my life. I am creating more money. I am finding that I have a whole lot more control of my life than I ever would have believed. I am having so much fun!
Come learn how to make your life a Beautiful Success!

Offices in Sandy and South Jordan, Utah

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