About the Founder

Ranae Johnson, Founder
Ranae Johnson, Founder

Researcher, founder, author and owner of Rapid Eye Institute, Ranae Johnson first began to develop ways to assist her autistic son in 1966. Buoyed by these and many other successes, Ranae founded the Rapid Eye Technology. Ranae and her research team continue research and development on the present RET model.

She has a rich psychology background and a wealth of personal experiences dealing with autistic children, stress, trauma and abuse of all kinds.

Having built a solid, proven stress release process for mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health, Ranae began in 1988 to train individuals and professionals to use this revolutionary technology. This technology can be used as a stand alone process or as a tool to compliment other healing modalities.

Ranae continues to work with diligence and creativity to make RET the dynamic, innovative program that it is today. At heart she is a thinker who is always looking to make the program better. Her considerable writing skills have produced books, developmental manuals, programs and training manuals.

She is passionate about making a difference in people’s lives.

Rapid Eye has become very popular because it works so well to release old abuse, stress, trauma and educate clients to choose something different. Clients report that their lives have changed for the better.

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