Skills for Life

The Rapid Eye Technology (RET) model is a holistic, spiritual healing technology that works to release pain on many levels of human experience. As well as release work we teach Skills for Life as the educational part of the RET Process.

RET encourages people to embrace the active awareness that they are self-empowered, fully functional, loving and caring individuals who are connected to and exhibiting their highest potential.

Skills for Life Embrace Seven Basic Understandings

Thoughts and spoken words are so powerful that they carry both conscious and subconscious ideas. They send messages about emotional states. Every thought we think creates a self-portrait. Each time a thought is repeated it strengthens a pattern. Change your thinking, change your results. Holding a thought pattern (faith) is one of the most powerful tools we have for creation called intention. God or the universe honors the intent of our hearts.

Perception is our understanding of our world filtered through our experiences and genetic patterns. Energy is just energy, until a perception is attached to it. Each perception creates a reality picture. Each interpretation affects the illusion of the past and the vision of the future. The only true reality is focusing on the present moment. As we are open to new information, we can let the old perceptions pass away. Happiness can be looking at life from a new, higher perspective. Would you rather be right or happy?

Choice & Accountability – We can choose to let life polish us or grind us down. We can direct our attention and awaken our creative potential. We are constructing our reality and our freedom through choice. We choose moment by moment to exercise our willpower to recreate ourselves and our world. Accountability represents the results of our choices. If we are unhappy with our results, we may always choose again.

Cause & Effect is the energy we send out which comes back to us multiplied. This energy is governed by our thoughts, words and actions. We actually send out an energy signal to attract a like energy. The universe always pays us according to our beliefs. What we sow, we will harvest. We are builders of ourselves. Love of self and others begins at once to refine and sculpture our features on all levels. Whatever signal we send out comes back to us multiplied in different aspects of our experience.

Abundance & Gratitude gives us the opportunity to create the success and satisfaction we want in our lives. Our experiences respond to our expectations. What we feed with gratitude will grow abundantly. Inner imagination expands our outer world. Exist in a state of allowing and travel in dreams that will soon become reality. Start by practicing being the part of whatever you want to create. The mind does not know the difference between imagination and reality.

Health & Healing is essential for creating balance on all levels of our being. One of the great wonders in this universe is the human brain that contains the mind. Each of our billions of brain cells can create thousands of neural connections in our brains. The human mind has the power to create any potential of health. DNA has written the play for our physical being, our mind is director of the play and conducts the behavior of the body. Listen to the body; what is the message?

Harmony is the basic Rhythm for all creations. We can follow our own intuitive rhythm to create a harmonic flow and connection with all things. When we feel love and desire we harmonize the vibrational output of body, brain and heart. We become stronger physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually as the body chemistry is changed. We are an unfolding process beyond imagining. Complete harmony and balanced rhythm create a sense of health and well being.

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