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  1. I just love Wendy!
    I have tried to get help for Panic Attacks and Chronic Anxiety, but I always end up feeling like someone else’s money cow. I would pay out a lot of money, only to not feel better or feel better for a very short time and then return for help. It was an expensive cycle. I’m not a needy person and its hard for me to ask for help because I want to do things myself.
    But not with Wendy. First thing she said to me was, “I now consider myself your mentor, if there is anything you forgot how to do at home that I taught you, or any questions you have, feel free to give me a call and well work it out.” For me, that alone was huge. I felt like a person, not just someone else’s payday. I haven’t needed to call more then twice, but know that option is there, was really reassuring to me.
    After the second session, I felt so good! My self esteem improved all of a sudden and I was able to release a lot of hard things. The funny thing is that I didn’t even realize I had released anything till the week after my appointment. All of a sudden, I realized that things that would always trigger a panic attack or really painful anxiety, weren’t bothering me at all. It was and still is a miracle.
    I have since worked through other things that were blocking my ability to move forward in my life.
    I was able to release
    *some past trauma’s of abuse
    *many false beliefs about myself
    *I have been able to release many judgments of myself, which in turn has helped me to release the judgement of others.
    *I have learned to give myself permission to create the life I feel like is most harmonious to who I am. A very simple and quite life. (This was not at all how I was raised so I had very strong beliefs that I needed to be very busy and take on a anyone else’s agenda that happen to ask me. I was way to worried about other feelings to the point where I was getting mental sick, because of others. .)
    *I learned about boundaries and how to say NO, hear No, Say Yes and Hear Yes. These are all very important to a balanced life.
    *In every way, it has helped me to be a much more balanced Christian, which in turn has helped me direct my energy to what I feel I am being prompted to do in my life.
    * I learned about my circle of control and to give back the responsibilities of others.
    *I now take full(er) responsibility for my life and the life I have chosen to create for my learning, and With the Skills for life classes, I finally understand how to shape my world into one that is full of Joy and Happiness. Before, I was creating a world full of Pain, Misery, Mistrust, and Guilt. So much Guilt, over silly things.
    I am grateful for both the RET and The Skills For Life Classes.

    The RET help release the trauma and negative belief patterns, and the skills for life classes taught me how to change my creation to make it better and to make the life I want.

    Wendy is such a blessing to me and my husband. I have now done about 6 sessions with her and it has changed my life in so many ways for the better. I am very grateful to have a healing therapy like Rapid Eye Technology near me.

    Thanks Wendy

  2. I’ve done many sessions of Rapid Eye with several different people, and I have LOVED my time with Wendy! She is a women of wisdom and love who approaches our sessions with respect and preparation. She’s helped me overcome an abusive and traumatizing relationship and reclaim myself and my power again. I enrolled in one of her packages and then opted into another one after that. Highly recommend her as a Rapid Eye practitioner. Thank you, Wendy!

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