Graduate Courses

Graduate Course from the RET Institute
Enhance your RET practice with Graduate Courses from the Rapid Eye Institute

Advanced Rapid Eye Technology

An Advanced Rapid Eye Workshop for Master level RET’s. Some of the highlights include tailoring sessions to clients, mixing and matching tools and identifying archetypes or patterns.

We learn about group proxy and multiple issues, new ways to integrate skills for life with all levels, working with empathic and highly sensitive people, energy work and RET. A very informative, popular class.

There will be inventive ways to use the body learning walks, higher frequency language and connection scripts.

You will give and receive 8 sessions during the workshop. Working manual included.

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Master Rapid Eye Technician Certification

This course offers certified Rapid Eye Technicians a course of study and practice toward mastering the Rapid Eye Technology processes and techniques. Education and practice sessions provide RET technicians opportunities to master skills while combining processes to maximize client experience.

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RET Train the Trainer Certification

This certification trains the trainer specifically on how to lead a Rapid Eye Technology Certification.

Prerequisites are: Advanced RET Workshop, MRET, Leadership Training (accepted from several sources). Suggested reading must be completed before coming to the 5 day certification.

Practicum work is done in actual RET Certifications until the new trainer completes all training objectives. Here is an opportunity to combine all of your training skills to bring great abundance of healing and prosperity to your world.

Student loans, grants, scholarships are sometimes available. Credit cards are accepted and other financial options can be arranged through the RET Institute.

Rapid Eye Trainers can expect to see a return on their investment after facilitating just a few certifications.

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