Quick Response to RET-EMDR Question

(from the discontinued RET Forum)

Cindy Lewis asked:
Lately I have had lots of people say, “Oh! Is that like EMDR?” when I tell them I am a Rapid Eye Technician. Does anyone else get this comment and how do you address it?

From what I know, RET is so much MORE than EMDR but I don’t want to negate it’s validity as I feel that would be unprofessional. From what I remember RET has it’s roots in EMDR and has evolved into much more.

Natalie Flint had an elegant answer:
I say something like, “Yes it is similar, and also trememdously better! RET includes more healing modalities, auditory, memory, visual, recreate, and feelings. Wheras EMDR only addresses auditory.” Say it in a happy way, and smile.