Brain Waves and Memories

(from the discontinued RET Forum)

Please read the following article on brain waves and memories.

Note that the frequency that produced the best and strongest memories were those in the Theta frequency brain wave range (4-7hz) – or about the speed of a typical RET wand “vibration” (I figure most wands “vibrate” at about 4-6 passes per second (pps) – 7 pps would require some heavy-duty hand muscles as that is VERY fast). The wand vibration does not cause matching brain frequencies – it just “suggests” to the mind to do that – I think usually successfully – which would explain why clients tent to “space out” during the RET process.

An earlier study showed that this same theta brain wave frequency tended to access deeply held memories better than other brain wave frequencies. Thus release and reframe probably work best in the Theta brain wave frequency range (the speed of a vibrating RET wand).

It occurs to me that students needing to learn and recall material better would benefit from RET sessions that included verbal input of the material they want to recall (notes or formulas for example). It also occurs to me that practice with the wand may result in the ability to tailor vibration speed to maximize client discharge and reframing – selecting the ideal wand vibration speed (pps) to match maximum discharge and reframing (both would be the same for each client).

It makes sense to me that a mindful and practiced RET could adjust the speed of the moving wand to match the client’s optimum Theta brain wave frequency range for memory access, energy release, and reframing – and then continue the session focused on that speed. To identify this pps speed, an RET would simply watch the client’s face – when they space out the most, that’s the pps speed ideal for them. But even if you didn’t hit that frequency all the time (consistency), it should still work as long as the RET does not slow the wand below 4 pps or speed up to beyond 7 pps.