DID YOU KNOW…. The RET Skills For Life Principle of HARMONY & RHYTHM helps you use the principles to get what you want in life?

The RET Skills For Life Principle of ~~🍃HARMONY & RHYTHM🍃~~ helps you understand and use the other principles together so you can get what you say you want in life?
As I have been writing about these RET 7 Principles, I have appreciated again Dr Ranae’s insight and wisdom about the Laws of the Universe, and including them in the RET Model of healing. Whether one understands quantum physics, Epi genetics, or just science in general does not make these laws any less true. They keep operating whether you believe in them or not. Just like the tides keep moving and the sun keeps rising.
If you’ve been following these short “DID YOU KNOW” articles lately—you may realize that there is a harmony and a rhythm to everything on earth and that includes creating happiness, joy and an abundance of good things. When one lays the foundation of understanding THOUGHTS and PERCEPTIONS, that influences their CHOICES and brings ACCOUNTABILITY to all the CAUSE and EFFECTS one has created. Add GRATITUDE and ABUNDANCE coupled with making your HEALTH and HEALING a priority, one hears, sees and feels the “magic dance” of life—resulting in HARMONY and a new life RHYTHM.
It is our job as RET Technicians to first go through the experience of the above paragraph and “get it” about these principles, then we can educate clients, family, and others thru knowledge, language, and spiritual energy. Sometimes it’s more what YOU DO than what you say that models to others compassionate love.
Let others watch the magical dance of your life’s harmony and rhythm as you live these principles and walk on this planet with a happy heart. Model that LOVE IS THE VERB OF LIGHT by teaching these principles and allowing their magic—because all science involves magic and spirit.
The Skills For Life Principal of Harmony and Rhythm helps you activate being in tune with nature, gravitate towards goodness and truth, remember how to listen to a song and hear inspirational poetry that allows you to let your INNER LIGHT so shine. Yes, I love these Principles and wish I was better at living them!
With passion, I commit to “get” these 7 Skills For Life Principles/Laws so ingrained in my energy field that anyone passing by me feels better, and wants to truly LIVE in joy.

Love, Lynell
Master Trainer
The Rapid Eye Institute


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