DID YOU KNOW… The RET Skills for Life Principle of PERCEPTION can assist you to increase Inner Peace and help heal your body?

The RET Skills for Life Principle of PERCEPTION can assist you to increase Inner Peace and help heal your body?

So…many of us get confused by how differently people perceive the same events as they are watched or experienced. This leads to inner discord! Our negative patterns often lead us to healing modalities such as the stress relief of Rapid Eye Sessions and workshops.

I believe Rapid Eye works every time, but if one continues to think the same thoughts and do the same patterns—our issues get recreated and send us tumbling back to the same stuff, different day and often making us sick in body and mind!

By studying our PERCEPTIONS and choosing consciously to “see” it from a new direction or angle, it assists us to get different healthier results.

Once I returned home from a training and someone wrote me a letter, upset at me for talking about dark angels to someone in a conversation they overheard. Well, we had been talking about “arch angels,” not dark angels. It is so important to clarify communication, make no assumptions, and always look for the “sweetheart message” in all our interactions. We can then keep our frequencies higher and this effects our health.

There are MANY recorded cases of multiple people witnessing an event, such as a car accident, and when asked their perceptions of what occurred under lie detector testing; the actual facts are different—yet both parties are telling the truth. How does this happen? If neither are lying, why are the facts different?

Our minds are so powerful that our past events “color” our perceptions. This means that people with trauma from car accidents (example above) will perceive seeing the accident with heightened emotionality. These negative emotions then create lower frequencies in our bodies and can make our immune systems weaker.

I love knowing that spending my energy looking for a sweet message from events/interactions makes me feel happier, leads to increased JOY and assists my body to be strong!

Find an RET Skills For Life class near you and educate yourself to PERCEIVE things differently, so you can breathe easier, create new wanted results, attain positive lasting change, and rewrite your history to support your health—both physically and mentally❣️

~Lynell Beckstrom
Master Trainer,
The Rapid Eye Institute


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