Winson’s Research Confirms Efficacy of RET

(from the discontinued RET Forum)
by Ranae Johnson, MRET

Brain and Psyche
The Biology of the Unconscious
by Jonathan Winson

Jonathan Winson is a neuroscientist who has dedicated a great deal of his life working at the frontier of brain research. His research lead him to believe that recent neuroscientific findings may provide the long-sought link between the brain and the psyche. Dr. Winson’s groundbreaking theory, called by noted anthropologist Robin Fox: the most significant breakthrough into the unconscious mind since “The Interpretation of Dreams”, suggests that the link between the brain and psyche began with an evolutionary change in the brains of mammals 140 million years ago – which now, in the brain of man, constitutes the biological basis of the Freudian unconscious.

Jonathan Winson was associate professor of neuroscience at Rockefeller University in New York City. He is a world renowned authority on REM sleep who conducted a seven year study on REM sleep and the effects of Rapid Eye Technology. Mr. Winson, a world noted authority on REM sleep deemed Rapid Eye Technology beneficial, in the cutting edge of release of stress during REM sleep. He deemed Rapid Eye Technology as the most stress relieving eye movement theory in the world.

Quote from “Brain and Psyche”

Dr. Walter Kendrick, Associate Professor of English, Fordham University, stated, “The best attempt I’ve seen to reconcile the physiological and the psychological, to understand the brain as both an organ and the locus of mental functioning.”

Jonathan Winson, “Sleep, at least its REM stage in which there is dreaming, apparently is used by the brain for a unique type of information processing reflected by the dream.”

Jonathan Winson, “Infants sleep about 16 hours a day and in each sleep cycle spend about half the time in each of the two phases of sleep, so that overall they spend eighty hours a day in REM and eight hours a day in non-REM sleep. The sleep cycle gradually matures into the adult pattern. By three to five months of age, when infants are generally awake during the day and asleep at night, REM sleep time is down to six hours, while non-REM is still about eight hours and by two to three years old, the comparable figures are three hours for REM and eight and a half hours for non-REM. By five to nine years old, REM time is down to about two hours just about the adult level, while non-REM time is still approximately eight hours. Sleep time diminishes with age until as adults they reach levels of a little over six hours of non-REM sleep and a little under two hours of REM sleep.

Jonathan Winson, “It would appear that our brains may be handling thoughts, below the level of our conscious awareness, all of the…All the while, we have been engaged in many waking activities, unaware of this mental process…I believe information processing occurs during REM sleep…”

Jonathan Winson, “REM sleep makes up about twenty-five percent (25%) of the sleep cycle of a normal healthy individual.”

Dr. Ranae Johnson, Founder of Rapid Eye Technology, is the owner, President, and Director of the Rapid Eye Institute located in Salem, Oregon. Dr. Johnson states that “Rapid Eye Technology is a natural, safe way to release stress and trauma. RET simulates REM sleep, your body’s own natural release system. This powerful quick release happens without reliving the trauma. Accessing the whole mind/body system while in an awake state allows you to be in control of your own journey.”

Dr. Kevin Johnson, Chiropractor and owner of a science based healing clinic states, “Rapid Eye Technology is a physiological release of emotional pain.”