IRT for kids

(from the discontinued RET Forum)
by Charlotte Garland, MRET

You never know when you may need IRT. A 5 year old little girl had received her immunizations for the 1st time just before starting school this year. She reported that before she falls asleep each night, she remembers the time she went to the doctor and all the places she was given shots. This was causing her not to sleep and she was very upset about it.

She was given her shots several weeks ago, but couldn’t get the incident out of her head. I asked her to sit with me and I tapped on her points, and then had her follow my finger in zig zag motions up and down, and then asked her to growl. She couldn’t growl, but she did blow in my face. We made a little game of it like she was “blowing me backwards.” She laughed and went on her way.

After a few weeks, I asked her if she is sleeping well. She reported that she was, and was very surprised when I questioned her about the shots at the Doctor’s office. She had totally forgotten about it.