IRT for the RET Technician

(a discussion from the discontinued RET Forum)

Kristine Farley:
I had the opportunity to use IRT on myself this past week in Mexico. I was triggered by some “stuff” associated with my daughter giving birth. (men) It really helped me, so I was able to better help my sweet daughter with her recovery & baby. Any RET technicians use this for self-care?

Glynes Mewton:
I am new to RET and I was wondering how you did the IRT on yourself?

Amber Krech:
This week I started running sessions out of The Infinite Healing Center in Mesa AZ!! Talk about having to use IRT on myself -as my start date got closer, I got more and more triggered into “success issues”. I was so glad to have my IRT manual! I used it for the first time ever this week on myself and then today on my first client. It worked great!

Today my client couldn’t go to work because of chronic pain, back, legs and hands, he said his pain level was a constant 6 (of 10). We identified constant anxiety as the emotion held in those areas (per Louise Hay, Heal your body) 30 minutes into his session his pain level was at a 2. He was amazed! He rebooked and he booked his Mom! I love IRT

Natalie Flint:
I used IRT on a client this summer who came in stressed out over her up coming wedding. She was about to marry a man from another country, Denmark, who she had only known a short time. They were squeezing it into a small time space available just before she had to be back at university. She was really angry with her parents and everyone else who voiced concern that she was doing the right thing. She had her own doubts, too. She had been yelling at everyone who got near her. After she told me all that, I followed the IRT manual and watched the stress melt off her face! It was so wonderful to me. Then we talked about Skills For Life and how to make important choices. She was very relieved and happy.

Charlotte Garland:
I do IRT this way on myself….
First I identify what the issue is and choose a hand to put it in, and then in the other hand, I place what I’d would rather have.
ex: I trade the anxiety of my daughter having a baby for peace and calmness.
Then I tap on each point saying the statement, zigzagging my eyes back and forth and up and down,
then blow out 3 times.

This works for me, but if it doesn’t lift enough, I tap on each point while saying the statement, zig zag eyes, blow out, and repeat each point.
Hope this works for you!!!