IRT for the RET Technician

(a discussion from the discontinued RET Forum)

Kristine Farley:
I had the opportunity to use IRT on myself this past week in Mexico. I was triggered by some “stuff” associated with my daughter giving birth. (men) It really helped me, so I was able to better help my sweet daughter with her recovery & baby. Any RET technicians use this for self-care?

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Scientific Evidence of the Value of Reframing

(from the discontinued RET Forum)

Researchers at New York University have demonstrated scientifically that a specific fearful memory can be rewritten in the brain without the use of drugs – purely behaviorally. Of course, alternative practitioners like hypnotherapists and Rapid Eye Technicians have seen this over and over and are sold on the fact that fearful memories can be rewritten (in NLP it’s called “Reframing”).

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