IRT for Tooth Pain

(from the discontinued RET Forum)
by Charlotte Garland

The other morning, my husband Tim and I were working on an abscess tooth issue he has had for quite a while now. We know it is an emotional issue for him, but haven’t be able to identify the root cause so far. It came on when we were visiting his brother in Oregon, to help with roofing his house.

Tim’s brother was to have the roof taken off, so they could get started and finish the job in the few days while we were there in Oregon. The roof was not even started and Tim was aghast. That night, his tooth began hurting, and he also had no energy at all, and the job took everything out of him. I had never seen him like this before.

Tim is a very strong, tall, quiet man, and remodels homes. This roofing job was nothing out of the ordinary. We left after a few days and tapped on the issue while touring the countryside. No help. Tim had no relief, and we haven’t had much breakthrough on this issue. The thought occurred to me that the issue is associated with other deeper issues, and I wanted to try a new technique to see if there was any movement for his tooth.

Tim doesn’t image very well normally, so I was going out on a limb with this method. I asked him to close his eyes, and tell me how big this feels like in his mouth. He told me how large it felt and I repeated it back to him. I asked what color it was, the texture, smell, taste, what it would say if it could, what emotion it would be, and I repeated back each thing he told me.

The abscess tooth pain/feeling got smaller and smaller, and the taste, smell, etc became less identifiable. When it got really small, I asked about the emotion it had, and he said it was depressed, then sad, angry, all alone, and the feeling left his mouth and was behind his right shoulder. We tapped on the issued using the IRT method.

He then had a breakthrough, and said he saw himself as a little boy, 5 or 6, all alone with no one else to play with, he said he was frustrated and there were no other children on the block and he had no siblings….then the emotions flowed and he cried, and cried. We used IRT on the issue with the little boy and some imagery after that and he said it seemed far away, like an old memory. Isn’t it great how the frustration felt by a 5-6 year old little boy, still affects a 52 year old strapping man!!!

I have used RET on Tim many times, and he gets nothing out of it. Tim responds with tapping better than anything else, and the breakthroughs are lasting, especially coupled with the eye movements, tight opens, and blowing it out. Identifying what the issue feels like, the size, the color, the texture, and the smell, works well for many of my clients. The issue generally gets smaller and smaller. I have used this many times for my own pain in one area or another with great success. Using IRT along with this technique has helped many times over.

My point is, that I have clients that are tremendously helped with the complete Rapid Eye Model, and others are not. I love the way we can use the tool that the client responds to and achieve wonderful results.

I am not suggesting that one should not seek medical attention for physical problems. For Tim and I, we want to release the emotional issue that is associated with the problem, and many times the physical issue dissipates and finally disappears altogether using these methods.