IRT on Physical Symptoms Speeds Healing

(from the discontinued RET Forum)

Chandra Renfoe shared:
Feeling sick to my stomach I threw up three times before a client suggested that I Reiki, tap or something myself. Reiki settled my stomach in about a minute and going thru IRT three times trading in feeling ill for feeling well cleared everything completely. It was possible to return to my activities in less than five minutes feeling great. WOW is IRT a fabulous process!

Admin followed up with:
I think addressing physical symptoms is the key to healing just about any issue that includes a physical aspect. Addictions, colds, allergies, irrational fears/phobias, weight issues, and a host of others I find respond well to IRT focused on “What do you feel in your body when…?” rather than “How do you feel (emotionally) about that?”.

Emotions are so nebulous for most people, I think. However, even those who profess to have no emotional energy about something may still feel something physical (a sensation) related to an emotional aspect. For example, I once worked with a lawyer who had absolutely no emotional responses to “How do you feel about your divorce?” But his body was wracked with pains of all sorts that he could not explain. And even for those aches and pains he could explain (over-exercise, etc.), they ALL responded to IRT – but ONLY if I asked “what sensations do you feel right now [as we’re talking about the divorce]?”. He had four sessions and turned his life around completely (fortunately, his wife did sessions with Ranae at the same time, so they felt they were working together to rescue their marriage – which they both felt was worth preserving after 40+ years).

It’s funny, though. I’ve found LOTS of clients who really WANT to dig into their emotional problems – over and over and over again. They get a certain amount of pleasure from RET particularly as they feel they are HONORING their emotions. And, the next time I’d see them, they’d report the very same emotional issues – over and over and over again. They were recreating rather than healing – or so I supposed. Actually, they were healing – IN THEIR OWN WAY. One shoe does not everyone fit.

Just because RET is fast and effective does not mean that everyone who wants to do RET wants to deal with their issues quickly. Some want to “drag them out” and enjoy/honor their emotional journey. When we hurry them along, we dishonor their process. And how does one identify such clients? For the most part, they tend to book multiple sessions in advance. They tend to want to “wallow” a little bit. And many I’ve seen tell me to slow down a little. Think how disappointed and dishonored such a client must feel when they completely resolve their issue in their first RET session. I’ve had clients call me and complain that it felt we went too fast – even though we completely resolved their issue and they were happy with the results.

As fast as IRT works, we still must encourage some of our clients to entertain the notion of doing multiple sessions where we can delve and explore – far beyond mere “healing” – into the realm of “what’s next” in their personal evolution. “What ELSE is there?” or “What’s next for you?”