Putting Change in Context

(from the discontinued RET Forum)

I have marveled at how powerful awarenesses are in changing the complexion of whole communities. It seems that as one person changes, all others around them change in response.

The community change is unpredictable – you can’t be sure that if your client chooses peace, those around him/her will, too. In fact, often I’ve seen the client’s environment fight to get them back into the old pattern – the one the community/environment knows and is comfortable with. If the client can “ride out” this turbulence, truly amazing things can happen in the client’s community/environment.

For example, one fellow I worked with a few years ago was struggling with extreme anxiety and depression as his business was slipping away into bankruptcy. He had a good business, but his competitors were out to bury his business – and were succeeding. After just one RET session, my client got an “aha” about himself and his patterns of defeat. He suddenly sat up in the chair and proclaimed that he had given up the fight and surrendered to the light. This was just after doing Release and Gather…

I saw him again the next week and he was noticeably more peaceful with himself and his life. But the pressure against his business had turned up substantially and now he described the opposition as “mean and nasty.” We did RET about him staying in peace as the fire raged around him – and that he would be able to “ride out the storms.” During Release and Gather (in closing), he release all his interest in the outcome of his business affairs and accepted that wherever his “higher self” took him, we was now ready to go – the fear was absolutely GONE – and in its place was PEACE and ACCEPTANCE. It was inspiring.

We had, I think, 6 sessions over 6 weeks. During that 6 weeks, he filed for bankruptcy and his business partner bailed on him at a bad time (taking what money was left with him). Expected business loans were withdrawn and he had to let more than half his staff go. Times were dark indeed – but he was not – thanks to RET!! In his final session, we did the clearing energy session (the one that used to be called the Christ Clearing) and he felt secure about his future – even with all the concerns pulling at him from all sides – drawing him back into his patterns of defeat. That was 2001.

He stayed in integrity and did not have to follow through with the bankruptcy. He worked hard and smart (surrender does not mean “giving up” or “lying down” by the way) and now owns the most successful business of its kind in the Portland area – he is now a multimillionaire and a TV celebrity (if I said his name, all RETs in Oregon would know who he is). The anxiety was keeping him back. Once he surrendered his need to succeed, everything got easy for him, he said – making the “riding it out” part SO MUCH EASIER. After a very short while, contracts started flowing his way. Advertising that previously failed, suddenly started working. Loans were offered again. He said it was like getting on the slide and letting gravity take its course.

He had weathered the storm of a changing self in a stable environment.

After his session, I realized that one of the surest signs that a client is succeeding with RET is that he/she must endure shifts in their environment caused by their own personal shift. And the level of environmental turbulence is directly proportional to the substance of their inner shift – the greater the shift, the more turbulence they will endure in their life – turbulence that tends to draw them back into recreating and perpetuating the underlying patterns – returning them back to the “stable” condition they were in before their shift.

So, when a client complains that things are getting worse for them, I think it’s time to celebrate! And do some RET to support them and make the “riding out” easier to manage. Stable systems don’t seem to like change very much – and will do whatever it takes to regain the status quo. Often times, recreation is simply the client’s environmental “system” drawing them back into equilibrium with it – returning to the status quo. Like a train going down the wrong track, you can’t just “stop the train” – you may need to slow it down first – before you reverse direction.

RET is SO exciting!